Thursday, December 22, 2011

Here we go!

Having kept a journal for some time I have recently begun looking at some of the entries from years past.  One of the reasons for keeping a journal after all is not just to record events but to keep yourself on track.  To collect the important thoughts and ideas that will become the fabric of  your life.  So there I was re-collecting some of those thoughts when a new thought came to mind.  Some of this stuff is pretty good!  Like something you might read in a book.  I bet there are a lot of people that would be interested in this.  Maybe as many as - who knows? - half-dozen.

So here I am posting the first entry to a blog I designed myself (Could ya tell?)from templates provided for me by this host.  Now I really don't know a lot about blogging.  I read one once.  And I remember years ago how much I enjoyed reading a newspaper column by Sydney Harris.  Most of the time it was the only reason I picked up the newspaper.  Remember newspapers?  Anyway, I thought a blog would be just that sort of the thing.  Plus, if I understand correctly, people can make comments and such.  What a great idea; hope you do.  But mostly I hope to provide a little cerebral diversion to your day.  A little something to read at breakfast after you've read the cereal box and there's still cereal in the bowl.  Maybe an excuse to linger over another cup of coffee before heading out to whatever you feel compelled to do today.  And wouldn't it be great if you found a little something to occupy your thoughts at work while you're screwing those caps on the toothpaste tubes?

But then I had to ask myself; how often will I post something?  Once a week seemed like a nice number.  But I've always had a problem with commitments so we'll see.  There's nothing takes the fun out of something like "having" to do it.  So if you see a steady flow of blogs you know I'm still having fun.  And if you think too much time has gone by since the last one, just go ahead, make some comment.