Monday, September 10, 2012

A Quiet Mind

It is quiet. 

Sitting here. 

In the kayak. 

On the lake. 

The evening sun, low in a deep blue sky.  Cotton puffy clouds hanging there.  Trees reflecting off the glass smooth water.

A fish jumps and ripples ride to every shore. 

Buzzards soar lazily. 

The air,

Comfortably cool and still. 

My friend, in her boat,

As reluctant to move as I. 

A gentle stroke of the paddle and a slow turn.  Water drops fall from the blade in slow motion, sending their own minute ripples across the lake. 

A bull frog croaks.

Locusts sing. 

A Goldfinch flies home. 

Soft voices of a man and girl sitting on the nearest bank - sharing a moment. 

We, part of their scenery ­- they, ours.

All these things,

Taken together,

The only world - the eternal now. 

With imagination I could leave this world. 

But I choose to stay.


In perfect reality.

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